Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oh why didnt UK publishers credit artists?

i found a bunch of old Battle/War Picture Library and Commando comics that id bought second hand (i really wasnt around in 1961!), but it always annoyed me that skinflint British publishers refused to credit their theres a whole generation of artists, British European and South American who worked on British comics in the 60's and 70's that are unknown (to me at least), heres an artist, British i think? it might be Mike White who worked for 2000 ad, but whoever the artist is i love the spontaneity of the line work the rough and ready composition and what looks like a lovely instinctive feel for spotting blacks, heres a selection of pages. They are in UK digest format, roughly equivalent to cutting American comics in half  and turning them on their sides, which permitted only about 3 panels a page, tho' they were 60-70 pages long....

I dont know why these images were re-arranged when submitting this in one go...


  1. Nice looking art! It's a shame the artists weren't credited.

  2. Yeah its like a loss of heritage or something, but it was really a ploy to stop a fan following allowing an artist to charge more and made it easier to replace artists and writers