Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Preparation...preparation...I...must ...prepare!!!

Im currently working on a short strip (cant post anything of it yet) and the writer gave me plenty of reference, more than i usually get and more than i couldve hoped for really, but im struggling and the reason? Its the same reason i always have, but never realised until now. I dont do enough preparation, i do a few character sheets, but i always thought they were for others to see what i was thinking, now i realise i should be drawing everything so i can draw it in my sleep! i never consciously skipped this stage, but id always get bogged down, i always thought it was artists block or something; now i know that most of it, is that im trying to introduce new characters, objects or locations while im drawing the page, i have to get in to the habit of preparation sketches and get stuff in my head both before starting  the strip and before starting a page with anything...Its my new resolution.
Ok here is a page of a sample strip i did recently...


  1. So true sir! The more I work on pages, the more I realize it's all about the work done prior to the final pencils.

    Also, can't believe you kept your blog a secret from me lol.

  2. Heh its in my sig on the Outcasts Studio forum...well i have only started it

  3. Just giving you a hard time buddy. Curious to see some updates on here for your project.